Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Ranchi

Birdlens Creation is one of the leading and reliable Candid Wedding Photographer in Ranchi.

Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Ranchi

Birdlens Creation is one of the leading and reliable Candid Wedding Photographer in Ranchi.,format&rect=0,164,1080,1292&w=535&h=640

Also known as the 'city of waterfalls', if you are from Ranchi, you are sure to be well accustomed to the surreal natural and cultural surprises this place has to offer. Wedding ceremonies in Ranchi are just as lavish. And if you're planning to organize your wedding in the capital of Jharkhand, why not employ the top wedding photographers in Kolkata, Birdlens creation, to catch the precious moments of your That Day? We have some of the greatest wedding photographers in the business who genuinely perceive your big day with both you and chronicle the priceless moments through their cameras for you to remember forever.

We vividly remember our debut months in 2015, when we had just unfurled our wings and set out to make beautiful experiences for the wedding couples. And there hasn't been a pause since. We realize how much joy wedding pictures and albums offer to individuals. Locking your appointments with us ensures that you will enjoy some of the best bengali wedding photography and filming services in the industry. Whether it's raw candid pictures, beautiful bridal photography, or a romantic pre wedding photoshoot in Kolkata. Making stunning photos out of ordinary scenes is a piece of cake for our best wedding photographer in Ranchi. Our journey began 7 years before now, with a clientele only in Kolkata. With our hard work, and exploring motive, we serve to customers all over the country, along with Ranchi also.

Wedding and Pre Wedding Photography

Gorge through some of our exclusive works, that is sure to make you hire us for your wedding photography in Ranchi.

Bihari Wedding Rituals Covered By The Best Wedding Photographer In Ranchi.

Anciently also a part of Bihar, Ranchi in Jharkhand boasts a significant Bihari population. And the wedding rituals of a Bihari wedding are indeed unique and interesting. Our team aces to capture just the perfect moments of the events.

Satya Narayan Katha

This marks the kick start to any Bihari Wedding Saaga. A havan is lit during the Katha narration and is believed to bless the to be formed nuptial tie.


This is more like an engagement, where the groom and his family comes to the bride’s home. Both the families shower good wishes and blessings to the to be couple.

Haldi Kutaai

A turmeric paste is made by the married ladies of the groom’s side and sent to the bride’s home.

Tilak Thaal

The brother of the bride visits the groom’s house with gifts, sweets, and dry fruits and a tilak thaal. This commemorates the acceptance of the brother towards the groom.


The Bihari wedding mandap making has some unique aspects to it, which includes bamboos, mango leaves and banana trees.

Haldi Matkhor

This is the Haldi ceremony of a Bihari wedding. The Matkor ceremony following this marks the clay cladding of the traditional wedding vedi, that hosts the marriage havan.


A pompous and gala ritual, where the groom arrives at the bride’s home or the wedding venue.

Jai Mala

The couple exchange garlands and greet each other into their lives.


The couple encircle the fire, taking their nuptial vows.


The father of the bride finally gives his daughters hand to the groom, through this ritual.

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