Best Bengali Wedding Photography Packages

Get the hassle of your Bengali wedding photographer in Kolkata sorted with our Bengali wedding photography packages. You can totally trust us with our exclusive facilities.

Looking for a Bengali Wedding Photographer?

Wondering about where to get your perfect Bengali wedding photoshoot done? We absolutely got your back with our attractive Bengali wedding photography packages and our team of proficient Bengali wedding photographer.

Birdlens Creation is a team of seasoned professionals who aim to constantly thrive and provide their clients with the most innovative and dreamy candid bengali bridal shoot. We are committed to providing our clients with a surreal experience, where they not only do bengali bridal poses, in front of the lenses, but they get to explore and unwrap a new dimension of their chemistry. We not just click photographs, we help you create memories! 

At Birdlens Creation, our team of dynamic Bengali wedding photographer constantly strive to ensure that we are able to bring into reality everything you have dreamt for your special day. We are also experts at pre wedding photography in kolkata.

The very first thing that comes to the mind of people in Kolkata, when they speak of photography, is the Bengali wedding picture. Weddings are considered one of the most important events of a human’s life. So, this is something most Bengali families wait and rather save for.

And if you are hiring us, one of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, then you may rest assured that you shall have some beautiful memoirs of your love story to cherish forever.

Which Bengali wedding rituals do we cover?

Here is what we will be usually covering as parts of our creative Bengali wedding photo service.

Pre Wedding Rituals

Bengali couples these days are identifying the importance of capturing memories of them before they have tied the knots. And why wouldn’t they? Who doesn’t want to have professional couple photographs, without the hassle of heavy wedding outfits?

We help you plan a creative pre wedding photoshoot bengali, where you would be doing your favorite romantic poses with your significant other.

Wedding Rituals

We know how important each and every ritual of the main wedding is to a Bengali couple. Each Bengali wedding rituals have its own cultural significance. Be it the preparatory mehndi, gaye holud and Aiburobhaat. Or the vowful Saat Paak, Subho Dristi, Mala Badal, and even the emotional Sampradan, and sindoor daan.

We make sure you get the most precious moments of your wedding rituals captured with our candid Bengali wedding photography.

Post Wedding Rituals

Not just the main wedding event, but there are indeed a plethora of events and rituals that are equally worth photographing. This includes the events from the bidaai to the wedding reception party. There are a series of fun games that couples are made to participate in as a part of their post-wedding rituals. These include the cute baansi biye, The topor-mukut game, kori khela, etc.

Our team of prolific wedding photographers captures these moments and turns them into cherishable memories.

We have 6+ Years of experience in Bengali Wedding Photography

Do you have your bengali wedding bells ringing around the corner? Well, in that case, we would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to you! So you must be wondering whom to trust with your very special Bengali wedding photography. Well, we may assure you that Birdlens Creations is definitely going to be one of your best decisions. With over 6 years of experience in wedding photography, we are capable of capturing the fairytale saga out of the most ordinary weddings. Wanna know how?

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Important Events to Capture in Bengali Wedding

We know how important each and every ritual of the main wedding is to a Bengali couple. Each Bengali wedding rituals have its own cultural significance. Be it the preparatory pre wedding photoshoot, mehndi, gaye holud and Aiburobhaat. Or the vowful Saat Paak, Subho Dristi, Mala Badal, Bor Jatri and even the emotional Sampradan, and sindoor daan.

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How To Find The Perfect Bengali Wedding Photographer?

Wondering how to find the Perfect Shutterbug For A Dreamy Bengali wedding photography, on your special day? 

How long have they been in the profession?

So wondering why do you need to know the years of experience your wedding shutterbug has in covering Bengali wedding photography? Well, one of the main reasons may be because you feel a sense of confidence with an experienced professional. At Birdlens Creation we have experience of over 6+ years, with our hands-on almost every niche of Bengali wedding photography.

What is their general style of photography?

Now, this is something you definitely need to understand about your Bengali wedding photographer. It might so happen that the photographer is one of the best in terms of skills and creativity, but again their vision and style of doing their job need to be well synchronized with you. Whether they are into candid Bengali wedding photography or has a planned photography session for the events. Whether they are restricted to certain poses or they prefer creating masterpieces out of moments.

What is the style they follow when it comes to editing Bengali wedding photography images?

It is not just the photography style but how efficiently the photographs are edited, for a finished bengali wedding album. You do need to check with your Bengali wedding photographer, whether they follow a classic, moody or vintage pattern of editing the images. At Birdlens Creations, we specialise in candid photography for wedding, along with a naturalistic editing style. We try to enhance the beauty of the images by keeping their originality of them, intact.

Does the portfolio of their work match with the type you are looking for?

Now the best way to verify the above points, even if you do not have a very keen understanding of the photography jargon. Just go through the portfolio of the photographer. Maybe their insta handle, or the Facebook page of the business. Ask for a complete wedding album they have done before. You shall get an idea of the coordination between your preference and their style.

Analyze how comfortable you as a couple are around them?

Now, this is one of the most important part of assessing the compatibility with your photographer. You need to understand how free are you able to be as a couple in front of the lens of the particular professional. Moreover, you also need to sort out and plan how some important shots of your wedding photography is going to be like.

Do they have enough backup support?

This is yet another very important part of confirming with your wedding photographer. You need to make sure that the professional you choose for covering your Bengali wedding couple photography, have enough provision of backup devices and power support. They have extra lenses, devices and battery backups, in case of any emergency.

What are the services included in your wedding package?

This is something you definitely need to clarify before signing the contract. You need to know exactly what are the things that are covered in your wedding photography package. At Birdlens Creations, we offer packages that are tailored according to the individual needs of our clients. We ensure that you get exactly what you dream of! 

How long are they going to deliver your final album?

Now, this is something indeed intriguing to the clients. The next big thing that most of the couple and their families eagerly waits for, right after their The Day is the complete wedding photo album. Everyone is indeed curious and excited to see how their Bengali wedding Gaye holud photography or those sindur daan shots came out to be!

Do they plan shots from beforehand?

Even if the photography style is mostly going to be candid, you still need to have some of the key shots planned for the pic perfect album. This is something you need to understand. You need to analyse how well versed are they about the rituals and probable moments of the event!

What are their cancellation policies?

And now this is yet another important part to consider. The cancellation policies of the vendor. In case of an emergency or unavoidable scenario, how is cancelling the booking gonna work?

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