Looking for Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Kolkata

With your wedding bells ringing around, you might definitely want to have some cinematic shots and pictures clicked of you with your significant other. Birdlens Creation is also one of the top wedding photographer in Kolkata, who can shoot you your love story!

Why do you need a Pre Wedding Photography ?

A pre wedding photoshoot in Kolkata is something that is becoming a trend among the to-be wedded couples. They usually do this as a part of exploring their freeness in front of the camera.


Be it the filmy Bollywood pose, you thought of recreating for the longest of time, or a cinematic shot of you holding each other’s hands and ambling along the romantic steps of Princep ghat. The Pre wedding photoshoot is literally another whole new dimension in exploring the chemistry between a couple. A memoir of how two people of two unique personalities came together and emerged as one!

As one of the best pre wedding photographers in Kolkata, we can make your engagement day a memory through our exclusive services of pre wedding shoot in Kolkata. The pre wedding shoot acts as a test run for not just your photography service, but also other vendors like the makeup artist, planners, etc. You get to pose in front of the camera, freely, without the hassle of the heavy wedding attire, or the gawking eyes of the invitees. As a couple, you get to become comfortable around your photographer as well. This helps in better coordination on your main wedding day. You may even use the pre wedding photography images to give a personal touch to your invites.  

And if you are hiring Birdlens Creation, one of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, then you may rest assured that you shall have some beautiful memoirs of your love story to cherish forever.

Pre Wedding Photoshoots in Kolkata

Here are some of the surreal and romantic shots of our clients that are sure to make you wanna get your pre wedding photoshoot soon.

We have 6+ Years of experience in Wedding Photography

Do you have your wedding bells ringing around the corner? Well, in that case, we would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to you! So you must be wondering whom to trust with your very special Pre wedding photography. Well, we may assure you that Birdlens Creations is definitely going to be one of your best decisions. With over 6 years of experience in wedding photography, we are capable of capturing the fairytale saga out of the most ordinary weddings. Wanna know how?

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Things to Discuss with the Pre Wedding Photographer in Kolkata before Hiring Them.

So now we know how magical can a photography for pre wedding be for a to be couple. And it is very likely that you are going to be signing the best wedding photographers in Kolkata for covering your Bengali pre wedding photoshoot, as well as your main wedding event. But before you discuss, here are a few things that you definitely need to discuss with them, for a smooth process.

Discuss The Itinerary Of The Entire Booking Beforehand.

While booking or signing the contract with your wedding photographer, make sure that they are well aware of the dates and timing of each event. Be it the haldi ceremony, Mehendi or the pheras. In fact, you may the engagement day is equally important as couples often choose to do their pre wedding photo shoot on the same day.

If your wedding photographer is well aware of the timings and dates of the events, they get to be prepared and ensure that they don’t miss out on any of the special moments.

Make Sure That They Are Well Aware Of The Date, Time And Venue Of The Wedding And Pre Wedding Photography In Kolkata.

The date, venue and timing of the events should also be confirmed even before the bookings of the photographers is done. You are able to make sure that you get the best of pre wedding shoot in Kolkata price, and availability of the vendor. Moreover, this also helps you to decide the themes and shots of the wedding as well as pre wedding photography.

Get The Finances Sorted.

Now before moving forward with a vendor make sure they are well aware of your budget. Let them know how much you are willing to spend on the photography, and get packages planned accordingly. The additional cost and taxes shall also be discussed beforehand. Discussing other financial aspects like security deposit, cancellation policies, and terms and conditions related to refund shall also be sorted out.

Plan And Plot Out Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot Kolkata

In case you are looking forward to having a pre wedding photography in Kolkata, make sure you discuss about this clearly with your photographer. Research, compare and discuss the pre wedding photoshoot price in Kolkata with them. At Birdlens Creation, we assure you of the best offers in our services. Also, talk and decide about the venue of the shoot, theme, and outfits as well.

Make Sure That They Are Aware Of The Theme And Decor You Are Choosing!

One of the most important things that your wedding and pre wedding photographers in Kolkata should know well about, in advance is the decor and theme of your venues. Be it the main wedding events, or a pre wedding, knowing about the set-up is helpful for them in planning their work. They are able to visualize how the backdrop is supposed to be and do their necessary homework.

Discuss About The Plan-B They Have, In Case Of Emergencies.

Emergencies can happen at any time. Be it with devices or people. In cases of devices, make sure that your pre-wedding photographer has a provision of backup device and power supply. In case on device fails, they should have another device that can get the task done in such a case. In cases of a destination shoot, this is very much to be taken care of!