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Birdlens Creation is one of the leading and reliable Candid Wedding Photographer in Puri

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Birdlens Creation is one of the leading and reliable Candid Wedding Photographer in Puri


Birdlens Creation is a team of seasoned professionals who aim to constantly thrive and provide their clients with the most innovative and dreamy candid wedding photography. We are committed to providing our clients with a surreal experience.

Hope the preparations for your ‘bahaghara’ are going on, at a full-fledged pace. The vibrant red Sambalpuri saree, Bomkai sarees are all bought for the bridal attire. In fact, you must also be planning to get a simple and romantic pre wedding photoshoot in Puri, done. In such a case, you may definitely contact us for covering the special moments of your special day. Birdlens creation, being one of the best wedding photographer in Kolkata, assure to suffice your wedding photography requirements. 

A unique and interactive wedding photoshoot experience awaits for you, your significant other, and everyone else important to you. Besides who doesn’t want to have their very special moments captured by the best pre wedding photographer in kolkata. With us, you can rest assured that you are about to get the best in terms of bridal photography, candid shots, couple photography and in fact, we love capturing the most raw emotions of everyone present in the place.

Pre Wedding & Wedding Photoshoot

Here are some of the spectacular shots from the lens of the best wedding photographer in Odisha.

Popular Wedding Rituals in Odisha

Wedding rituals of each region have a unique story to tell about the place. And all of these hold a special place in the hearts of the people. We at Birdlens creation very soundly believe in this and understand how much a ritual means to the people.

Lagna Dharaa

This is one of the pre wedding rituals of an Oriya Wedding. It marks the beginning of a nuptial tie and is basically the engagement.


This is much like the Haldi ceremony of the Oriya marriage. Celebrated a day before the marriage date, where turmeric is applied to the hands of both the bride and the groom, by seven married women from each side.

Jairagodo Anukulo

This is when the pious flame of the marriage is lit up. The Havan is ignited with ghee and oil.

Deeya Mangala Puja

A very indigenous ritual of the Oriya wedding, where the saree, jewellery and other Sringar items that the bride is supposed to use for her wedding, is offered to the Almighty, by a local barber’s wife.


This ceremony signifies paying homage to and seeking blessings of the ancestors through worship.


This marks the beginning of the main wedding day, when the groom and his family depart towards the bride’s house, or the wedding venue.

Baadua Pani Gadhua

This is when the bride is taken for a holy bath right when the Borjaatri arrives. This signifies warding off evil influence from the bride and preparing her for a pious ritual.


This is one of the most emotional moments of any wedding, when the bride moves into her new life holding the hands of her father.

Haat Granthi Fitaa

This is the ceremony, when the bride’s father places his daughter’s hand on the hands of his son-in-law, and wraps them in a garland of mango leaves. Mango leaves are a holy inclusion into the Oriya Culture.


This signifies taking the seven vows of marriage.


The couple offer ‘khoi’ or puffed rice to the fire god seeking his blessings

Sindoor Daan

One of the final and yet another emotional moment of an Oriya Wedding. The groom fills the ‘seethi’ of the bride, with vermillion. This is one of the very favourite moments to capture for a wedding photographer in Puri, Odisha.

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