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Birdlens Creation is one of the leading and reliable Wedding Photographer in Durgapur

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Birdlens Creation is one of the leading and reliable Candid Wedding Photographer in Durgapur,format&rect=0,325,1080,1292&w=535&h=640

The major industrial city in the heart of the state of Bengal is also known for its beautiful green plantation and planned development. 

It accommodates many of the most beautiful and exquisite marriage celebrations in the region. Durgapur weddings are no less in opulence. If you're going to get married in this smart city of Durgapur, why not count on Birdlens Creation, the top wedding photographers in Durgapur, to record the unforgettable memories of your big day? We have some of the best wedding photographer in Kolkata who will stick around you on your important day and record your precious moments using their equipment for you to cherish and rejoice each time you go through your very special wedding album and the pictures.

Through the lens of Birdlens Creation, one of the top wedding photographer in Durgapur, remember your special day and the memorable moments. Scheduling your appointments with us ensures that you will enjoy some of the best bengali wedding photography and cinematography services available. We still vividly remember our maiden months in 2015, when we first stretched our flaps and set out to create beautiful memories for newlyweds and their families. There really hasn't been a break in play thereafter. We realise how much delight wedding pics and albums brings to families. And we have owned the role of best wedding photographer in Durgapur since then. Be it the beautiful and cinematic pre wedding shoot amidst the sandbanks of Damodar river, or the green Shaal plantation of the ABL colony, or the very candid shots of the sindoor daan ceremony. The simplest of moments are gonna be preserved in the albums of Birdlens Creation, as some special memories.

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Here is why we say we can be your best pick for wedding photography in Durgapur.

Bengali Wedding Rituals Covered By The Best Wedding Photographer In Durgapur

We started with clients around Kolkata, almost 7 seven years back, from now. It was our hard work and the love of our clientele that brought us as one of the best for wedding and pre wedding photoshoot in Kolkata. In a Bengali wedding, there are some very lovely and unique moments and customs to capture. Each of these has some exquisite sentiments and expressions that adds to the value of Bangla wedding traditions. Now here are some of them, where you will find experts exercising their charm.

Ashirbaad Ceremony.

This marks the approval of the bride, groom and their families towards the holy nuptial tie.

The Aaiburobhaat.

The last meal a bride or groom has as an aaiburo or bachelor.

Gaaye Holud.

This is a ritual very similar to the Haldi ceremony of other regions in India.

Shubho Drishti.

This is the forest tine the couple sees each other in their regal wedding attires.

Maala Badal.

The couple greets each other into their lives with floral garlands.


An indeed sentimental ritual where the father of the bride gives her hands to the groom.

Saat Paak.

The seven vows of a marriage are taken by encircling the pious fire seven times.

Sindoor Daan.

The final stage of the marriage ceremony, when the groom fills the bride's sithi with sindoor.

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