Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Chandannagar

Birdlens Creation is one of the leading and reliable Candid Wedding Photographer in Chandannagar.

Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Chandannagar

Birdlens Creation is one of the leading and reliable Candid Wedding Photographer in Chandannagar.,format&rect=0,164,1080,1292&w=535&h=640

A riverine town in the Hooghly district of West Bengal is very famous for this spectacular French Architecture, River ghats and of course the very pompous Jagatdhatri Puja. This place being a very significant and one of the very old colonial cities in the state of Bengal, also has a significant Christian population, along with its major Bong residents. Our team of the most efficient wedding photographers in Chandannagar, are equally acing both the types of weddings. With over 7 years of experience, we can confidently claim to be one of the best wedding photographer in Chandannagar. If you find your nuptial bells are ringing anywhere in Chandannagar and want to hire one of the top wedding photographer in Kolkata, Birdlens Creation is certainly going to be your top pick.

Birdlens Creation, one of the top wedding photographers in Chandannagar, will capture your special day and the amazing moments. By booking your dates with us, you can be assured that you will have some of the best photography and filming available. We vividly remember our first few months in 2015, when we went on to create lovely memories for couples and their relatives. We have some of the best wedding photos in Chandannagar in our crew, and they will stay around with you on your big day, working on their lenses to capture wonderful moments for you to cherish and delight over as you go through your wedding album and photos in the future. We believe in sharing the happiness of our clients, and feeling their emotions. This helps us create such magical bridal photos, candid wedding images and even the best pre wedding photoshoot in Kolkata.

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Bengali Wedding Rituals Covered By Wedding Photographers In Chandannagar.

Bengali wedding photographers capture the most important and priceless moments of a wedding. There are so many wonderful and fascinating moments and rituals to photograph during a Bangla wedding. Each one elicits wonderful emotions and sentiments, trying to add to the enchantment of Bengali wedding traditions. We have tried to explain some of the key rituals below.


A Bengali take on a bachelorette celebration. This is the bride and groom's final supper of before they are no more bachelors, and are married.

Gaye Holud.

On the bride and groom, a paste of turmeric, mustard oil, and other skin cleansing totkas is applied. The haldi ritual is quite similar.

Subho Dristi.

Before they embark on their lives journey together, the lovers' eyes first unite.

Mala Bodol.

Before advancing on their bibaho obhijaan, the pair greets each other with flower garlands.


The bride's father legally consents and gives his daughter's hand, over to the groom.


Marriage is all about making the commitment to stick by one other through good and bad. The seven rounds of the fire represent the seven vows.

Sindoor Daan.

The last stage of the wedding, when the husband adorns the bride's hair partition with sindoor, a sacred and wondrous substance.


The bride says her final farewells to her father's home and departs for her new life in her in-laws home.

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