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Birdlens Creation is one of the leading and reliable Candid Wedding Photographer in Burdwan

Wedding Photography Service Provider in Burdwan

Birdlens Creation is one of the leading and reliable Candid Wedding Photographer in Burdwan


We undertook almost 7 years earlier with clients in and around Kolkata, and have subsequently spread our era to other parts of the region, as well as the country. And Burdwan is one of our most extremely important regions of business.

The town is known for its grand historic wealth, and it hosts some of the state's most glamorous and elegant wedding ceremonies. Weddings in Burdwan are no less glitzy. And if you're planning a wedding in this historic town, why not hire Birdlens Creation, the best wedding photographer in Kolkata, to capture the special moments of your wedding day? We have some of the best wedding photographers in the industry who stands by you on your special day and capture your priceless moments with their cameras for you to remember and smile at the moments, each time you see the wedding photography pictures.

Remember your special day, and the memorable moments, through the camera of Birdlens creation, who are one of the top bengali wedding photographer. Saving your dates with us assures you of some of the top-notch services in wedding photography and cinematography. We still look back to our initial days in 2015, when we first spread our wings and set our flight towards making magical memories for newly wedded couples. And there wasn’t a stopping since then. We understand the level of happiness wedding photographs and albums bring to people. Be it the raw candid shots or the elegant bridal photography, or even the romantic pre-wedding shoot amidst the flora of Golaap-baag. Making the magical shots out of the simple scene is a piece of cake for our team of seasons professionals.

Bengali Wedding Photography

Our beautiful gallery of lively wedding photography, shall give you some major inspo of choosing your marriage photographer in Burdwan.

Bengali Wedding Rituals Covered By The Best Wedding Photographer In Burdwan

There are indeed some beautiful and exclusive moments and rituals to capture in a Bengali wedding. Each of these has some beautiful emotions and sentiments that enhance the beauty of the Bengali wedding rituals. And here are some of them, where you shall find professionals creating their magic from.


This is basically the Bengali version of an engagement. This is when the families of the bride and groom shower the to be couple with good wishes and blessing, for a new beginning.


This is basically the last meal the person has as an “Aiburo” or bachelor. This is something that officially marks the beginning of the wedding festivities.

Gaye Holud

A ritual that is almost the same as Haldi, performed in marriages of other regions of the country.

Subho Dristi

This is the first time when the eyes of the couple meet in their wedding attire.

Mala Bodol

The couple exchanges floral garlands and welcome each other into their lives.


A very emotional ritual in the wedding, which is also known as Kanyadan in other parts of the country.


This is the ritual where the couple takes the seven vows of a successful marriage.

Sindoor Daan

This is when the groom fills the hair partition of the bride with vermillion, or sindoor, a holy concoction.


Right after the wedding ceremony, the brides family and the people who accompanied the groom as Bor jaatri, sit together with the newly married couple and have a gala time together.


The very sentimental part of the wedding, when the bride finally departs for her new home.

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