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Itc Royal Kolkata / Destination Wedding
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Kushal × Sarmista

Bolepure / Bengali Wedding
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Kushaldeep × Shrinwanti

Monotel Kolkata / Engagement
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Jenish × Romi

Mondermoni / Prewedding Photography
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Suvam × Sweta

Mursidabad / Wedding Photography
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Sourav × Rittika

Bortir Bill / Prewedding Photography

Why Choose Us for Candid Wedding Photography In KOlkata?

Birdlens Creation Photography

1) Alwayas On Time 2) Cinematic Photography 3) Most Experienced 4) Proffesional Photographers 5) On time Delivery 6) Affordable Photography Package


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Why Choose Us for Candid Wedding Photography in Kolkata

Are you looking for the perfect wedding photography company? Look no further than BirdLens Creation! Here's why they stand out:

Always On Time

Your special moments matter, and BirdLens Creation values your time. They're known for their punctuality, ensuring they capture every moment on your big day.

Cinematic Photography

Your wedding deserves to be captured like a movie. BirdLens Creation specializes in creating cinematic photos that make your memories come alive, adding an extra touch of magic.

Most Experienced

With over 10 years of experience, BirdLens Creation knows the ins and outs of wedding photography. Their expertise guarantees that every shot will be nothing short of amazing.

Proffessional Photographers

Your wedding memories are in good hands with their team of professional photographers. They have the skills to capture emotions, details, and all the joyous moments with finesse.

On time Delivery

Reliability matters, and BirdLens Creation understands that. They promise on-time delivery of your photos, so you can relive your special day without any delays.

Affordable Photography Package

Quality shouldn't break the bank. BirdLens Creation offers affordable photography packages, allowing you to get top-notch service without compromising your budget.

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