Everything you need to know about Bengali Wedding Rituals

If you are unaware of bengali wedding rituals, then we invite you to have a glimpse of the most fun-filled and dramatic Bengali wedding rituals.


If you have ever witnessed a cultural Bengali wedding, you will surely agree that it is a treat to the eyes. Other than the fun-filled part of the Bengali wedding, it is also known for its spectacular traditional customs Bengali weddings can be explained as a vivacious and colorful celebration that strengthens new relationships. Celebrated for 4-5 days, this beautiful marriage has numerous rituals related to pre and post-wedding.

So, we, the best wedding photographer in kolkata explore some important Bengali wedding rituals that make this wedding unique and beautiful.


1. Ashirbaad

2. Aiburobhaat

3. Dodhi Mangal

4. Nandi much

5. Gaye holud

6. Sankha pola

7. Bor Boron

8. Subhodrishti

9. Mala Bodol

10. Sampradan

11. Yagna

12. Saptapadi

13. Anjali (Kusumdinge)

14. Sindoor daan

15. Biday

16. Bodhu Boron

17. Boubhat

18. Phool sajya


1. Ashirbaad

         The commencement of the Bengali wedding takes place with this wedding ritual called “Aashirbaad”. Once the wedding dates are finalized, the bride and the groom are showered with the blessings of the two families. Both the bride and groom are blessed with husked rice, treifol leaves, dubyo and gold ornaments. Sometimes, this blessing ceremony is conducted on the day of the wedding.

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2. Aiburobhaat

         Just like a bachelor party, Aiburobhaat is a delicious treat given to the bride and groom by their friends and close relatives. This traditional custom marks the beginning of a grand celebration.

3. Dodhi Mangal

         This amazing ritual begins with the first ray of sunlight. Early morning the family members and relatives go to the nearby lake or river in a magnificent procession, to invite the river Ganga. At the returning time, they bring back a pitcher filled with water.

         Then according to the ritual, the would-be-couple are fed soaked flattened rice with sweet yogurt. After which they are supposed to fast until they get married.

 4. Nandi Mukh

         This is an age-old ritual of a Bengali marriage where the new couple pays homage to their ancestors in front of a priest. The priest chants Vedic mantras and performs a small puja so that both the bride and groom can take their ancestors' blessings before starting a new journey.

5. Gaye Holud

         Gaye Holud rituals in Bengali are similar to the Haldi ceremony which is very chromatic in nature. At first, the groom has been applied a turmeric paste which is considered auspicious. Then the same paste is taken to the bride’s home with a new cotton saree and some other gifts. Then the bride has been applied with the same turmeric paste and bathed with the pond water.


6. Sankha Pola

         Now, this one is the last pre-wedding ritual where the bride is made to wear beautiful white and red bangles made of conch shells. The white bangles are called shakha and the red one is called pola which symbolizes a married woman.

7. Bor Boron

         After finishing all the pre-wedding rituals, the wedding procession moves towards the wedding venue. The groom's procession moves towards the wedding venue. The groom sitting in a luxury can step into the venue like a king to marry her queen. The mother of the bride along with other relatives stands at the entrance gate to welcome the groom and his family with a holy lamp, sweets, and water.

8. Subho Drishti

         It's time for the grand entry of our gorgeous bride on a wooden stool called "pidi" which is carried by her four brothers. Then the bride slowly removes the betel leaves away from her face and both the couple's eyes meet with a blowing sound of conch shells.

9. Mala Bodol

         It is one of the most fun-filled rituals of a Bengali wedding which takes place after subho-drishti. This fun custom gets difficult for the groom because the bride's brother often tries to hoist the bride so that he faces difficulty in exchanging flower garlands with his would-be bride. This joyful custom ends up in a pearl of laughter with the exchange of garlands between bride and groom.

10. Samprodaan

         Here an elder family member of the bride performs the ritual by handing over the bride to the groom. These wedding traditions are also known as kanyadaan in other parts of India.

11. Yagna

         As cleared by the name, this holy ritual is a part of Vedic culture. The would-be-couple sit next to each other in front of a sacred fire. The priest recites Vedic mantras in order to solemnize their marriage.

12. Saptapadi

         The next name in the list of Bengali wedding ceremony traditions comes the “Saptapadi of Saat paak”, where the bride’s saree pallu is tied with the groom's uttariya and then they are asked to take seven rounds around the wedding pyre to solemnize their wedding. Here, the bride is followed by the groom and together take an oath to stay forever with each other.

13. Kusumdinge

         This is a beautiful visual, where the bride’s brother gives puffed rice to the hands of the couple. Then the groom holds the back of the bride's hand to offer together with the puffed rice into the holy fire.

14. Sindoor Daan

         Bengali Sindur Daan marks the end of the wedding when the groom smears red sindoor on the hair parting of the bride using a mirror or ring. After which the bride's face is covered by a new saree offered by the groom.

15. Biday

         This is the most painful custom in the Bengali marriage rituals list. The bride leaves her paternal home by taking with her all the sweetest memories. She bids farewell by touching her elders' feet and throwing back rice on the pallu of her mother.

16. Badhu boron

         As soon as the new bride arrives at the door-steps of his husband's house, her mother-in-law welcomes her with an aarti and she needs to step on a vessel filled with milk and Alta. After which she is required to step into the house by walking on a white cloth. This ritual symbolizes the entry of goddess Lakshmi into the house.

17. Boubhat

         Boubhat is followed by two more customs named Kaal ratri and Bhat Kapor. On the morning of bou-bhat, the groom offers her bride a plate full of food and a new saree. Along with that, he is required to make a promise of taking her lifelong responsibility. On the same evening, a grand celebration takes place known as Bou-Bhat, where all the guests arrive to meet the newly-wed couple. Bou-Bhat always gets a special place in Bengali wedding photography.

18. Phool Sajya

         This is the last ritual in a Bengali wedding, where the family members of the groom take the responsibility to decorate a beautiful floral bed after which the couple begins their new life.

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