When is the Best Time for a Baby Photoshoot ?

Capturing the precious moments of your little one's early days is a cherished memory. Finding the best baby photographer in Kolkata is essential for creating timeless and adorable baby photos. In this guide, we'll explore the ideal time for a baby photoshoot, ensuring your memories are beautifully preserved.


You've recently welcomed a new bundle of joy into your life, and you're enjoying every moment with your little one. It's heartwarming to see your baby doing all sorts of cute things each day. As time flies by, your baby is growing up right before your eyes. One day, you might think they look just like their dad, and the next day, you'll see a resemblance to their mom. It's an amazing journey you're on. Now, you've realized that it's essential to capture some precious photos with your baby before they grow up too fast. But when is the best time for a fantastic photoshoot ? That's the big question we'll answer in this article.

There are three main types of baby photoshoots you can consider within the first year or so of your baby's life:

1. Newborn Session (Within the first 20-25 days after birth)

2. Matured Newborn Session (Between 3-6 months old)

3. Sitter Session (Between 8-18 months old)

1. Newborn Session (Within the first 20-25 days after birth):

Capturing the precious moments of a newborn's early days is a heartwarming art form. Newborn baby photography sessions, ideally scheduled within the first 20-25 days after birth, allow us to freeze those fleeting moments in time. During this period, babies are often at their sleepiest, making it easier to pose them in those adorable positions and capture their innocence. These sessions are a blend of creativity and patience, where professional newborn photographer in kolkata use their expertise to create stunning and emotional portraits that families will cherish forever. Join us on this journey of celebrating the arrival of new life with breathtaking photographs that tell a story of love, joy, and new beginnings.


1. Capture amazing and lasting memories with your little one.

2. Great content for sharing on Instagram or Facebook to announce the baby's arrival.

3. Babies are still and don't move much during the shoot if done within the first few weeks.


1. It can be challenging for new moms to bring their newborn to a photo studio so soon.

2. Babies' looks change a lot after this stage, making it hard to emotionally connect with these early photos.

3. Babies usually don't smile much during this time.

4. Most photos might show the baby with their eyes closed.

5. Getting the baby to sleep during the shoot can sometimes be tricky.

2. Matured Newborn Session (Between 3-6 months old):

Introducing the beauty of capturing your little one's precious moments during their transformative stage! At our studio, we specialize in "Matured Newborn Photography Sessions (Between 3-6 months old)," ensuring that you never miss those adorable smiles and heartwarming expressions. As your trusted baby photographer in Kolkata, we understand that this age brings a unique charm, and we're here to freeze those delightful moments in time. From their cute giggles to the joy of their first discoveries, our skilled team is ready to create timeless memories that you'll cherish forever. Join us on this journey of preserving your baby's growth and personality in stunning photographs.


1. It's relatively easier for parents to take the baby to the photo studio at this age.


1. Babies can't sit up on their own yet, so most photos will be taken while they're on a posing chair or lying down.

2. Photos of the baby sitting or standing independently aren't possible, so there's less variety.

3. Like in the newborn stage, babies' appearances change a lot, making it less emotionally connected to the images later.

3. Sitter Session (Between 8-18 months old):

Capturing the precious moments of your little one's journey into toddlerhood is an art in itself, and a skilled baby photographer in Kolkata can make those moments last a lifetime. Sitter baby photography sessions, designed for infants aged between 8 to 18 months, offer a unique opportunity to document your child's milestones and personality. These sessions focus on capturing the pure innocence, curiosity, and emerging personality of your baby as they sit up, explore the world around them, and display heartwarming expressions. Join us on a journey to freeze these cherished moments in time, celebrating the joy and wonder of your growing child.


1. Capture wonderful and lasting memories with your little one.

2. It's the easiest time for parents to take the baby to the photo studio since they're more mature.

3. Babies can sit independently, and some can even stand and walk a bit, allowing for a wider variety of photos.

4. Their expressions are more prominent.

5. Babies at this stage can follow directions and parents can make them smile.

6. You can explore a wide range of themes for the photoshoot.


1. Parents need to wait a bit longer for this photoshoot (between 8-18 months).

2. It's essential to get the shoot done before the baby becomes too active and playful.

So, when considering the best time for a baby photoshoot, it ultimately depends on what's most comfortable for parents, the baby's comfort, and the value of creating lasting memories.

FAQ on baby photography timings :

1. When should I schedule a photoshoot with a newborn photographer?
Scheduling a session with a newborn photographer is best within the first two weeks of your baby's life when they are still very sleepy and can be easily posed for those adorable shots.

2. Is it possible to have a baby photoshoot after the newborn stage?
Absolutely! While the ideal time for a baby photoshoot is during the first few weeks, you can also capture beautiful moments as your baby grows. Sessions between 3-6 months, during the "sitter" stage, and at 1 year are popular options.

3. What's the cost of a newborn photoshoot?
The newborn photoshoot price can vary widely depending on the photographer, location, and package you choose. It's best to discuss pricing directly with your selected photographer.

4. Can I include parents in the newborn photoshoot?
Yes, many photographers offer the option for a newborn photoshoot with parents. It's a wonderful way to capture those early bonding moments with your baby.

5. Are outdoor photoshoots suitable for newborns?
Outdoor photoshoots can be great but are often better suited for older babies. Newborns are more comfortable in a controlled indoor environment.

6. What should my baby wear for the photoshoot?
Newborns are typically photographed in simple, soft, and comfortable outfits. Your photographer will often have props and outfits available.

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